Interview by ShopCultuurBewust

Today was a great day for me. Today I had my 15 minutes of fame. Superlisa (ShopCultuurBewust) interviewed and filmed me at my home. Normally I don’t like being ‘in the spotlight’ but today I really enjoyed it. Superlisa and her camerawomen were funny, nice and made me feel very at ease. We’ve talked about my designs, where I get my inspiration, and I had funny stories about the background of some of my designs. As soon as the video is online you can see it at CultuurBewust and ofcourse, here on my blog. Thanks a lot SuperLisa ! I also want to say thanks to Ellen Richter (EllaBellaBijoux) who made for this day a very special necklace of wood and rubber and to Els Berlanger (Koek en Bak Belgium) for making very delicious cookies with my ‘circle snails’ on it.


3 thoughts on “Interview by ShopCultuurBewust

  1. Wow Ilse, dat ziet er gaaf uit!
    En dankjewel nog voor de vermelding…. (natuurlijk héél graag gedaan!)

    groetjes Ellen

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