Blue monday… Idea? Win !

Today I received some of my fabrics which I’ve ordered. Imagine my surprise that it was not the size I’ve ordered. Checking my emails I came to the conclusion that it was my mistake. I’ve just ‘ticked’ the wrong size box. So now I’m stuck with some nice fabrics but don’t know what to make of it. Conclusion : never order something on a monday morning when you’re half awake and haven’t got a cup of tea yet……

So can you help me ? Leave a comment and tell me what I can make of a fat quarter size (53×45 cm), cotton-popelin. The designs I’ve ordered are below.
Two most original ideas will win it ! Winner will be drawn by a child’s hand on March 30.


9 thoughts on “Blue monday… Idea? Win !

  1. I must apologize to my winners. I will send your present this week. Reason for being a bit late is that I fell from a ladder painting my sons bedroom. Nothing broken, but besides a blue/purple/yellow bottom, a shoulder which hurts, i have 2 fingers taped together. So i must keep complete rest with my hand. Rest…..hmmm, not my kind of thing. ;-(

  2. And the winner is …… Johan, Eefke, Amy M and Eric. I’ve decided to make you all winners. The ideas I got were really good (also received some by mail), but not quite suitable for my fat quarters and patterns. However, browsing the internet gave me some more inspiration. So I made some new items for my shop. If Johan, Eefke, Amy M and Eric mail me your address ( I will send the 4 of you a gift. Hope you will like it 😉

  3. What about applications for decorating t-shirts? If the fat square is really fat the t-shirt would maybe suit a pregnant-belly.

  4. Turn them into wall decorations: with some ply wood and some padding, use a stapler to attach the fabric to the back tightly, screw in an eyelet to hang in on the wall.

  5. I would use this fabric to make shopping totes. Use the patterned fabric for the front of the tote and use plain fabric for the back and handles or use two similar fabrics (ie. the heart fabric) for front and back of tote.

  6. Okaj, mayby you could first explain to me what a fat quarter size is. Even here in Sweden we already work with cm 😉

    But wouldn’t be a nice idea to saw them together as an quilt to have an super designer blanket to warm you upp during chilli springtime evenings in Sweden. I would most definitaly use it enjoying my time off !

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