Almost an Interior Designer ???

It’s been a while since I’ve designed some new textiles. There’s a reason for that : At the moment I’m taking a study to become an interior designer. I know I can be more helpfull to my clients if I also have the skills of an interior designer. So far I only get very good grades for my homework, but things are getting more difficult. Dressing-up a room is one thing, learning about constructions, floors, technical drawings and knowing all type of walls is another thing. So I hope I can keep-up my good grades. But most important of all….. I LIKE IT. I’M HAVING FUN DESIGNING.

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The bookshelf I had to design had to have at least 3 form principles (f.i. rythme, waves, lines, folding, etc…..). My teacher told me it was a very good design, but he would separate the high and the lower part so you could place them separately (or combined) in a room. The bookshelf is made of oak with a pen-hole connection. The sides and top are made of brushed aluminum. On top is a magazine rack of folded aluminum. The bookshelf is 3 m long and 1.6 m high.


5 thoughts on “Almost an Interior Designer ???

  1. Also – it is only for everybody here in the US. We need to pass NCIDQ first before we can get our state license to allow us to practice.You could check what is required for your country.

  2. The NCIDQ is national to the US and I think also Canada. They have valuable study guides too and sample projects, you might like to browse through. I don’t know if they do the exam online yet. When I took it, I had to go to a certain location and take it with an old-fashioned pencil and paper.

  3. thanks patricia. i’m glad you like my bookshelf. perhaps i should make it “in real”? also thanks for your offer to help with the construction part and for the booklink. i wonder: is the NCIDQ exam an online exam and is it for everybody? and is it only dealing with USA building laws/regulations?

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