Happy little frog

In the ‘circles’ sequel, I made a happy little frog. For the last days it has not been such good weather, but even in our small backyard in the Netherlands we sometimes see frogs. We have a lot of small waterstreams in our neighborhood, so the frogs are traveling around, satisfying their curiosity and coming into the garden. I just love it. Last week we had a sunny day and I had the door open. Guess what I found on my doorstep, ready to come in……

So this is how my happy frog looks like. With a big big smile.

Cushion circle frog


5 thoughts on “Happy little frog

  1. Thanks Patricia. Some animals have a good ‘shape’ to become circle animals, some don’t. I’ve been trying to ‘circle’ an owl for months now, but so far I cann’t get him on paper. Oh well…It’s fun to keep trying and some day I will say “Eureka”.

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