New designed wallpaper

Today is a great day ! The sample of my 2 new designed wallpaper arrived !

I’m very pleased with the result. It looks stunning, with a good firm quality of the paper.
Designing is always making the right choices (which colors do I combine, what pattern will I design this time, how large should the pattern be, how will it look ‘in real’, …)
And just when you think you have made all these difficult decisions, and you think you finally have some rest because it’s at the printer’s office, another problem pops around the corner when the package arrives by post : Oh my god…which one to choose ???
They both look great. However, my interior is modern, with a Swedish twist. My current walls are just plain white, the sofa is light blue and my furniture is wood. Accessories are brown, white, glass, metal, with some plants.
Guess which one is my choice ?

Do you have a favorite ? I’d love to hear it. Both designs are for sale here.


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