Stage your Home and Sell It!

Interior designer Lori Salvati has written a nice blog about the importance of hiring an interior designer when selling your house. I cann’t stress enough the importance of that. In the Netherlands, real estate agents do not see the need of hiring us. They rather give their clients the advise to drop the price with thousands of euros instead of spending a small amount on staging the house. Very sad !

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Hello!  Today I wanted to talk about staging your home to sell.  I recently went through the process of selling my condo and was really impressed with how staging not only gets your place ready for a new owner, it helps you to detach from your home psychologically.  At least this is what I found and as sad as I was to leave my little apartment , I knew it was the right choice for me.  Now in my new place I have opened up to a whole new range of possibilities and even though I am not yet settled, I can feel the excitement of being in a new place and in a vibrant part of the city.  It’s kind of like painting a blank canvas at this point.  Let’s see where life goes in the next little while!

These are photos of my old apartment, staged and ready…

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