Cookbook ? No, Lookbook !

When people ask me about my illustrations, I always re-direct them to my web shop. That’s the easiest way because my illustrations are on all the products I sell. But I was thinking about making ‘something’ to present my illustrations in a nicer way. So I googled, searched, looked, browsed,
fire-foxed and face-booked, to see how others did it. Well…that was not a good idea. There are so many ways and so many ideas, my eyes and brain were doing overtime 😉

I dropped the idea to see how others did it, and just followed my own idea….
What would you like to see? Well, I suppose you would like to see :

  • my illustrations + short inspiration story
  • my illustrations on a product (so you have an idea how it looks on an apron, pillowcover, mug, etc…)
  • a close-up of the illustration
  • my product on a mood-board/interior/magazine article.

So this is what I’ve made of it. It’s clean, fresh, simple and very basic and I call it
“Design with a twist”.

I like it. What do you think ? (click on the image to open the PDF download)

Thumbnail Lookbook ilse philips


5 thoughts on “Cookbook ? No, Lookbook !

  1. So far I’ve only had an art catalogue / brochure printed for my painting exhibition but haven’t had the time to do a design brochure. Hopefully soon…

  2. Wow, Ilse, brilliant work!! I love your layout and presentation. Your beautiful designs are shown in a very “clean and fresh” [as you say] way and they make the viewer want to buy each and every one! Which I hope will be the case!
    Happy selling!

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