Autumn and X-mas trends 2013

Although summer has yet to come, in the designer world we are already preparing for autumn and x-mas. Already I’m preparing my autumn/wintercollection but I must say, it’s very strange thinking about falling leaves, rain, snow, X-mas when it’s sunny and warm outside.
So, what will be the trend for this fall ?

We see 4 different styles :

  • Precious jungleΒ 
    Extravagant, magnificent, unique and gracious. A combination of mysteriously shimmering diversity, exotic plants and birds with a rich palette of colors, cool-regal tones and warm gold for creating a luxury style. Colors are green, blue and brown with a soft touch of warm gold. Materials are strong ornaments and precious designs. Fabrics are rich like velvet and silk.
    kersttrend1 - precious jungle
  • Fantasy forest
    Creative, modern and humorous. A delicate romantic style with fairytale motifs and traditional X-mas colors to create a poetic style. Colors are bright red and green. Natural materials like pineapples are covered with silver and beautiful formed glass and ceramics give this style a feminine and delicate look. Fabrics like wool and felt have colored ribbons, lace and embroidery.
    kersttrend2 - fantasy forest
  • Glowing desert
    Strong contrasts, rough, sandy, porous and dull surfaces in earthy tones form the backdrop for glittering. High-glass effects and intense color oases. Colors are warm like ochre, sand, violet, coral combined with metallic color effects. Materials are dry wood, bleached pottery and ceramic combined with silk or linen.
    kersttrend3 - glowing desert
  • Gracious coast
    This pure style shows gentleness, femininity and delicacy. Soft fruity sorbet colors with cool Nordic undertones finds its expression in fine details, soft structures and transparant look. Colors are modern pastels combined with black, anthracite and ecru. Materials are diverse like fine fabrics and fabrics with complex embroidery. Use minimalistic and sculptural forms, soft lines and structures and pearl effects.
    kersttrend4 - gracious coast

Source : Christmas World


4 thoughts on “Autumn and X-mas trends 2013

  1. Thank you for those kind words Patricia. Indeed it’s hard to see what a future season will bring. I try to implement future trends with my own personal vision and hope I do it right. So far 3 interior magazines have shown interest to publish my new designs (one in the Netherlands, one in Sweden and one in Spain). But we’ll see πŸ˜‰

  2. Ilse, these are fabulous! I especially love the jungle and the lavender gracious coast. It is hard (for me) to zoom ahead to a future season, but you are very inspirational here, and I thank you! πŸ™‚

  3. So true Marina. I go with you : the precious jungle and gracious coast are the ones that got my first attention. Especially gracious coast gives me a x-mas/cold/winter feeling. it makes me think of sweden. probably due to the colors…. πŸ˜‰

  4. You are right, it’s so hard trying to figure that out in the midsummer heat!
    I think I’d go for the Precious jungle and the Gracious coast, but they are all really nice!

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