1-2-3 Relax….

How to relax in your own backyard without spending a fortune on trendy furniture, expensive outdoor rugs and luxurious pillows ?
Here’s my way to relax in our Swedish backyard.

  1. Search for as many rugs you can find. If you don’t have them you can buy them really cheap at second hand stores, loppis, or even at IKEA. Perhaps your mother, mother-in-law or your grandmother has some rugs they never use. Claim them ! (Tell them it’s already a small part of your legacy 😉 )

    Relax 5
  2. Make sure you have lots of fresh fruit, a good book or magazine, freshly picked flowers and of course something to drink. (Tell your husband you definitely need 2 drinks, 1 for thirst, 1 for sipping !).Relax 2 Relax 1
  3. Et voila ! Your instant lounge place. All you have to do now is …….Relax 3
  4. Chasing your kids away, so YOU can relax…. 😉Relax 4

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