Part 1 – Demolition time – Kitchen/conservatory

This post is about the renovation of an old barn for one of my clients. Eventually their new home will have about 16 rooms. They’ve asked * interior design to help them with the interior design of all rooms. 

Part 1 : Demolition time !
My clients have moved to a secure and safe part of the house so the demolition crew can start with “brute force” demolishing a large part of the barn. Now it’s time to rebuild with a steel construction that eventually becomes a large kitchen/conservatory.

After some intake interviews with my clients and studying the plans of the architect it’s time for me to go to work !
Both the wife and husband have send me photos of products and other stuff they like. Cars, paintings, art, glasswork, buildings, vases, color combinations, chairs, etc… From all those photos I can deduce the colors they prefer, what kind of materials and even shapes. With all that information, I start working on the Material Plan, Color Plan and the Mood Board.

So far, so good … I hit the spot ! All 3 plans were approved by my clients. Time for me to continue with the Styling Plan.

Sloop 1Sloop 3Herstel 1 Herstel 2 Herstel 300 - Overzicht kleur-materiaal-mood


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