Autumn decoration

Although it is still beautiful weather and approx. 19 degrees, autumn is peeping around the corner. It’s cold in the morning and leaves are falling. Time to put away the summer styling decoration and go for autumn. I consider myself as a very creative person but I must admit I’m not so good in creating styling decorations. When I browse the internet looking for ideas to decorate my house, I’m always amazed of the creations people come up with. Truly amazing and ever so beautiful creations and landscapes. So I try to ‘copy’ some of those creations for my own home.

I don’t know why, but somehow (no matter how hard I try) my creations never look like the photo on the internet. Perhaps it’s because I just can’t find the exact plants, accessories, fruits, lamps. Or perhaps it’s because I’m allergic to living plants and flowers and I have to work with ‘fake’ ones. Or perhaps I just don’t have ‘it’ in me. I don’t know.

Anyway, this is how my new autumn decoration looks like. Okay, it’s not THAT spectacular, but I think it’s not so bad at all. What do you think ? Any suggestions for improvement ?

_DSC0031 _DSC0034 _DSC0033 _DSC0032


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