Still being very very busy

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something, but I’m still very busy with my interior design projects.
I made 2 style boards for my client in Germany both of them based on the rug they were planning to buy. And for my client in Hulten I’m struggling with designing the roof…..but the second floor plan is coming along very well. I’ll keep working on it !

Styleboard green Styleboard red rugSfeerimpressie 1


Photos : before and after living/dining room

When a project is finished, it’s always a pleasure we can take photos of the new interior.
Jaap-Klaas Hoekstein has taken these interior photos and the result is stunning. Not only I’m pleased with the result, but more important : my clients are very pleased with their new interior. They had beautiful art, photos and drawings which both their parents had made, but the ‘old’ interior setting did not do them right. With the new interior, wall color and furniture all art pops out and is a true pleasure to look at. They are enjoying it every day.

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

interior & textile design

Part 2 : Designing time – Styleboards and first impressions

I’ve been quite busy for my clients at Hulten. I’ve made 5 different style propositions (Glamour, Modern, Country, Zweeds-Landelijk and Zweeds-Modern). I’ve also drawn some first impressions about how their kitchen/conservatory and living room could look like. Now it’s time to go deeper into my clients wishes and fine-tune !

00 - Overzicht sfeerimpressies 00 - Overzicht styleboards

Redecorate with 20 unusual color combinations

Tired of plain white walls or the usual color combinations ? Why not try some of these unusual color combinations that really works !

Citrus & green

Just like children, their bedroom should be full of life and joy. In this room we use green and citrus The green and white stripes create a focal point on the ceiling, the yellow doors also create another focal point in this room. To bring the room together use other primary color accents.


Aqua & red 

Transform your bedroom to a modern and energetic one by combining vivacious hues like aqua walls and bright red and stark white accents. Red and aqua often give you the feeling their like strangers, but in this room they match perfectly together. Photo courtesy of IKEA.


Coral, yellow & gray

A girl’s bedroom is only complete with a combination of pastels like coral, yellow and blue. Be a dare devil and try mixing the pastels with gray and black. On this photo the gray sets the neutral tone while black and white act as standout accents. Photo courtesy of HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams


Butterscotch & green

When designing this coastal-style living room, designer Erika Firm does not go for the traditional blue and white color palette. On the walls and ceiling she uses a warm butterscotch color. This gives height and depth to the room. Several earthy greens add an unexpected splash of color. Design by Erika Firm of Delphine Press; photography by Jessica Davis


 Lime green & yellow

Be a dare devil and go for lime green and yellow. Magnificent ! Here, the lime green is used as a primary color while 1 wall is set in yellow as the accent color.

Lime green+golden yellow

Mauve, pink & neon yellow

Using colors is David Bromstad specialty. In this living room, for the walls a neutral color is used before adding a splash of color. Carefully combine mauve, pink and neon yellow to create an energetic, stylish and inviting space.

Mauve,pink,neon yellow

Teal & citrus

If you want to create a rustic dining room, you can use a deep blue in combination with citrus yellow. Design by Sasha Emerson; architecture by Lewin Wertheimer; photography by Douglas Hill.


Blue, fuchsia & brown

Neons go well with practically any color. Use a palette of copper, brown and orange with a splash of fuchsia. For a contrasting shade try navy blue on the walls. Accessorize with antique accessories and furnishings, and a hot pink lacquered bed frame to make an eye-catcher. Photo courtesy of HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams


Blue & coral

Normally we use white along the windows and doors, but why not try a little bit of color to spice up a room ? In this coral paint is used for the window trim, which contrasts beautiful with the rich blue colored sofa, creating an amazingly stunning combination. Photo courtesy of Peppermint Bliss; photography by Emily Anderson


Red, coral & olive

If you want your room to feel like a year-round holiday home, try using olive and bright red. Mix it with lighter shades of red, coral or pink, and use curtains, pillow covers and blankets with combining patterns. Design by Sarah Richardson.


White with a lot of color splash

We often say “less is more,” but in this case it’s “more is more.” Designer Jonathan Adler transformed this lounge area of the Parker Palm Springs lobby into a colorful place using eclectic fabrics, vintage furnishings, colorful ceramics and a breath-taking chandelier. Adler uses here coral, fuchsia, golden yellow, olive, neon, red and plenty of other hues in this small space with such ease, balance and control that it looks like these colors were meant to be together. Photo courtesy of

White+multiple colors

Indigo & copper

In this bedroom, a copper colored (and with copper we mean the color and not the metal) headboard and bed frame create an eye-catcher among a white and indigo color palette. The colors complement each other and the white creates a balance. Photo courtesy of Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design


Teal & rust

I never heard of the color ‘teal’. So google translated it als ‘blauwgroen’ (blue-green). It you want to evoke a feeling of familiarity, try the combination of teal and rust. The rusty color of the chairs combined with the copper accents and the wooden cabinets reminds me of autumn and falling leaves. Photo courtesy of Camilla Molders


Red, green & brown

When thinking of red and green you might think of X-mas, not ? Well, not in this contemporary bedroom. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn used the two hues red and green without making it feel like X-mas. But just to be sure you like it all year around, use chocolate brown and stark white accents. Now, doesn’t this bedroom feels rich and sophisticated ?


Turquoise & orange

Creating an exotic feeling can be achieved by using the color combination of turquoise, tangerine, gold and white and dress it up with vases, moroccan-like tables and sun-burst mirrors. Although used differently, each color is in balance and equal. Photo courtesy of Phillip Jeffries


Red, white, blue & black

Designer Tobi Fairley choose a daring color scheme for this entryway. She chose bright red photoframes for a color burst on the wall. She chose a white chair with a vibrant blue frame and a sky-blue and white console table. The surprise is in the black-and-white-striped rug. All these colors (red, white, blue and black) can be mixed beautifully !


Orange & pink

Linda Woodrum goes for a more modern and daring color palette for this girl’s room. Bright vibrant orange combined with hot pink creates a lively design. Normally you won’t choose colors which are new to each other on the color wheel, but these look stunning together.


Orange & blue

Orange (tangerine) and various shades of blue are not the first color combination you think of when designing a room. But used correctly they pair very well together. In this room grayed shades of blue are used as neutrals. The colored furniture and accessories (orange chair, crib mattress and changing table) are now beautiful, vibrant accents among the blue. Designer Sarah Richardson adds just enough orange color to create that splash.


Coral & Emerald green

Normally coral is used as a softer, more pastel shade of pink. But it can be a vibrant color. This sea-inspired color works perfect with both darker and more subdued colors, like sofe yellow, sea-green and gray. Designer Tobi Fairley mixes this coral, peachy shade with both emerald green and bright white for an eye-catching effect. She uses coral in the room with pillows, throw and a chair. The white-and-coral ceiling stripes really pull the entire look together.

Coral+emerald green

Copper red, black & white

This lounge area in The Mark features contemporary decor with an extra glam. The first thing your eyes see is the black-and-white striped floor french designer Jacques Grange has added. Then you see the copper-red club chairs and a slightly oversized pink-wine-red colored painting. Combined together, the room look sophisticated, glitzy and a bit retro. Photo courtesy of

Copper red+black-white

All image sources

Part 1 – Demolition time – Kitchen/conservatory

This post is about the renovation of an old barn for one of my clients. Eventually their new home will have about 16 rooms. They’ve asked * interior design to help them with the interior design of all rooms. 

Part 1 : Demolition time !
My clients have moved to a secure and safe part of the house so the demolition crew can start with “brute force” demolishing a large part of the barn. Now it’s time to rebuild with a steel construction that eventually becomes a large kitchen/conservatory.

After some intake interviews with my clients and studying the plans of the architect it’s time for me to go to work !
Both the wife and husband have send me photos of products and other stuff they like. Cars, paintings, art, glasswork, buildings, vases, color combinations, chairs, etc… From all those photos I can deduce the colors they prefer, what kind of materials and even shapes. With all that information, I start working on the Material Plan, Color Plan and the Mood Board.

So far, so good … I hit the spot ! All 3 plans were approved by my clients. Time for me to continue with the Styling Plan.

Sloop 1Sloop 3Herstel 1 Herstel 2 Herstel 300 - Overzicht kleur-materiaal-mood