Weaving + print = nice

This week I’ve finally finished my turquoise weaving project. It was made with ecru cottolin (warp) and turquoise/blue/orange cotton (weft). It shrunk quite a lot, so the question was : “What am I going to make of it ?” A table runner ? Placemats ? A pillow cover ?

And then I realised I still have a piece of cotton fabric with my squirrel designs on it. The squirrel design was also made by me by  photographing squirrels, nuts, mushrooms and leafs while we were in Sweden. Then I’ve transferred these photos into a graphic design. I’ve picked the colours from the photos and had the design printed on fabric. Et voilà, my squirrel design was born.

So this time I’ve decided to combine printed design with weaving. It took my half a day to make this pillow cover because the weaving cloth was very difficult to cut and sew. But hej ….who said designing was easy ?

I hope you like it : my weaving + print pillow cover squirrels.

Weaving + printed squirrels by ilsephilips.nl

Weaving + printed squirrels by ilsephilips.nl

Weaving + printed squirrels by ilsephilips.nl

Weaving + printed squirrels by ilsephilips.nl

Weaving + printed squirrels by ilsephilips.nl

Weaving + printed squirrels by ilsephilips.nl


Playing with my 4-shafts loom : part 2

Fresh of the 4-shaft loom : a table runner in ecru cotton and gold fluffy yarn. I know it’s not a ‘spring-season’ combination of colours, but I bought the gold fluffy yarn in Sweden with X-mas. Only now I had the time to do something with it ….

Table runner 2 - 4 Shafts dTable runner 2 - 4 Shafts a Table runner 2 - 4 Shafts c  Table runner 2 - 4 Shafts e Table runner 2 - 4 Shafts f

Playing with my 4-shaft loom

Today for the first time playing around with my 4-shaft loom. Trying to figure our which pattern comes with combination of shafts, weaving loops, playing around with color and different type of yarns (cottolin/cotton/wool). It’s very surprising to see how different the front and back are. I had a lot of fun today !
Weefsel 4-schachten 1 Weefsel 4-schachten 2 Weefsel 4-schachten 3 Weefsel 4-schachten 4 Weefsel 4-schachten 5

Weaving….part 2

I’ve been very busy last weekend. In an earlier post I told you I bought an Ashford Rigid Heddle 80 cm loom at Wolboerderij Blij Bezuiden and beautiful Swedish yard at Bjorkkulla. I’ve set up the warp (in white) and wove my first fabric (in ice blue/grey) by the yard. It’s very fun and relaxing making your own fabric. I even behave like a dare-devil and tried ‘stripes’ ….
As this is my first weaving project, the result as shown below needs improvement. This finished product is a test and not yet available for sale. As you can see, even after washing the fabric with handwarm water and a little detergent, there are still ‘holes’ between the yard, and that’s (obviously) not wanted ! The used reed in combination with the yarn I bought is not good. So I must use a finer reed with this yarn, or use thicker yarn with this reed. But I must say I’m very pleased with the result. The fabric is extremely soft and has a very pleasant touch.
Up to the next project !

Weaving …..

This will be my next project. Trying to learn how to weave. My kids looked at me as if I came from another century…..
According to the many video tutorials I found on youtube, anyone can weave. So I thought I’d give it a go and try to weave my own tea towels.

Today I received the beautiful Swedish weaving yarns of Bjorkkulla. Creamy white and ice blue/grey. Can’t wait to start weaving on my Rigid heddle table loom ordered at Wolboerderij Blij Bezuiden. Thanks Mirjam (Bjorkkulla) and Janny (Wolboerderij) for your excellent advise.

I’ll keep you posted !

IMG_0847.JPGScreen Shot 2014-11-27 at 19.14.31