Still being very very busy

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something, but I’m still very busy with my interior design projects.
I made 2 style boards for my client in Germany both of them based on the rug they were planning to buy. And for my client in Hulten I’m struggling with designing the roof…..but the second floor plan is coming along very well. I’ll keep working on it !

Styleboard green Styleboard red rugSfeerimpressie 1


Part 2 : Designing time – Styleboards and first impressions

I’ve been quite busy for my clients at Hulten. I’ve made 5 different style propositions (Glamour, Modern, Country, Zweeds-Landelijk and Zweeds-Modern). I’ve also drawn some first impressions about how their kitchen/conservatory and living room could look like. Now it’s time to go deeper into my clients wishes and fine-tune !

00 - Overzicht sfeerimpressies 00 - Overzicht styleboards

Part 1 – Demolition time – Kitchen/conservatory

This post is about the renovation of an old barn for one of my clients. Eventually their new home will have about 16 rooms. They’ve asked * interior design to help them with the interior design of all rooms. 

Part 1 : Demolition time !
My clients have moved to a secure and safe part of the house so the demolition crew can start with “brute force” demolishing a large part of the barn. Now it’s time to rebuild with a steel construction that eventually becomes a large kitchen/conservatory.

After some intake interviews with my clients and studying the plans of the architect it’s time for me to go to work !
Both the wife and husband have send me photos of products and other stuff they like. Cars, paintings, art, glasswork, buildings, vases, color combinations, chairs, etc… From all those photos I can deduce the colors they prefer, what kind of materials and even shapes. With all that information, I start working on the Material Plan, Color Plan and the Mood Board.

So far, so good … I hit the spot ! All 3 plans were approved by my clients. Time for me to continue with the Styling Plan.

Sloop 1Sloop 3Herstel 1 Herstel 2 Herstel 300 - Overzicht kleur-materiaal-mood

Autumn and X-mas trends 2013

Although summer has yet to come, in the designer world we are already preparing for autumn and x-mas. Already I’m preparing my autumn/wintercollection but I must say, it’s very strange thinking about falling leaves, rain, snow, X-mas when it’s sunny and warm outside.
So, what will be the trend for this fall ?

We see 4 different styles :

  • Precious jungle 
    Extravagant, magnificent, unique and gracious. A combination of mysteriously shimmering diversity, exotic plants and birds with a rich palette of colors, cool-regal tones and warm gold for creating a luxury style. Colors are green, blue and brown with a soft touch of warm gold. Materials are strong ornaments and precious designs. Fabrics are rich like velvet and silk.
    kersttrend1 - precious jungle
  • Fantasy forest
    Creative, modern and humorous. A delicate romantic style with fairytale motifs and traditional X-mas colors to create a poetic style. Colors are bright red and green. Natural materials like pineapples are covered with silver and beautiful formed glass and ceramics give this style a feminine and delicate look. Fabrics like wool and felt have colored ribbons, lace and embroidery.
    kersttrend2 - fantasy forest
  • Glowing desert
    Strong contrasts, rough, sandy, porous and dull surfaces in earthy tones form the backdrop for glittering. High-glass effects and intense color oases. Colors are warm like ochre, sand, violet, coral combined with metallic color effects. Materials are dry wood, bleached pottery and ceramic combined with silk or linen.
    kersttrend3 - glowing desert
  • Gracious coast
    This pure style shows gentleness, femininity and delicacy. Soft fruity sorbet colors with cool Nordic undertones finds its expression in fine details, soft structures and transparant look. Colors are modern pastels combined with black, anthracite and ecru. Materials are diverse like fine fabrics and fabrics with complex embroidery. Use minimalistic and sculptural forms, soft lines and structures and pearl effects.
    kersttrend4 - gracious coast

Source : Christmas World

Stage your Home and Sell It!

Interior designer Lori Salvati has written a nice blog about the importance of hiring an interior designer when selling your house. I cann’t stress enough the importance of that. In the Netherlands, real estate agents do not see the need of hiring us. They rather give their clients the advise to drop the price with thousands of euros instead of spending a small amount on staging the house. Very sad !

Room Decor Ideas ....and more

Hello!  Today I wanted to talk about staging your home to sell.  I recently went through the process of selling my condo and was really impressed with how staging not only gets your place ready for a new owner, it helps you to detach from your home psychologically.  At least this is what I found and as sad as I was to leave my little apartment , I knew it was the right choice for me.  Now in my new place I have opened up to a whole new range of possibilities and even though I am not yet settled, I can feel the excitement of being in a new place and in a vibrant part of the city.  It’s kind of like painting a blank canvas at this point.  Let’s see where life goes in the next little while!

These are photos of my old apartment, staged and ready…

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Design bakery

Is there anything more basic, homey and familiar than a loaf of great bread? Yet it has become a luxury. More and more of us are sick of (literally and figuratively) the white, never-to-stale sliced bread in its never-to-biodegrade plastic bag.

We crave for fresh artisanal breads, natural ingredients, heritage grains, organic everything. Those who value great-tasting, healthy bread will pay for quality.
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